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A person is a person
For however long
The ride lasts.

A ticket in
Thanks to the mechanics
Of lovemaking.

An instance when
The whisper from the unknown
Shifts the act.

A nudge, a push, a shove
Into the being of:
One of us.

Life to celebrate begins and ends
For however long
The ride lasts.

Tickets, they come in
All colors, sizes, shapes
And, mostly accepted.

Too busy, too focused
Each to his own activities
No notice of yours.

Doing what we do
Not telling all of it
Keeping some distance, of course.

But, wait: “Hey, hey you!
I need your help.
Can you buy this sweater?”

The kids need food.
The kids need new shoes.
And, the car needs some gas!

For the ride, you know…

Loretta Warner, I Love Knitting


Knitting, even with great tools, does take time. I like to knit in the quiet, no radio, and no distractions. To make the piece, means doing it!

Here are some things I’ve been working on which are from my Josephine Collection. Josephine’s coat of many colors – you know “Joseph” was really a woman!

I’ve promised in 2013, to be a regular from now on. You will begin to see beautiful pieces. I am also a teacher who gives free advice and loves to be called “an advisor”. I believe there is “room at the top of the mountain.”Image