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When spending time
Putting things that go together
The choice might be very clear.

Tomatoes, onions and garlic with lettuce
Sugar and cream with coffee
Warm apples with butter and cinnamon
Bread with cheese, and a drop of wine.

White socks and black, shiny shoes
A blue fountain pen with sheets of clean paper
Big leather couches with soft knit pillows
A bright rug, bigger than the table, on a dark, wood floor.


There used to be a sewer’s rule
When picking thread for fabric:
“When in doubt,
Go Darker!” – I still hear the words!

Yet, where is the fun in that?
Where’s the surprise?
Where’s the drama?

Why not play?
Why not look around?
Why choose the obvious?


Making a bold statement
Does have consequences, though.
The sewing must be perfect
In order to pull it off!


Loretta Warner, I Love Knitting